Yeeepaaaaah !!! Let's work together to make this planet a cleaner place!! 

Thanks for ordering the kit. We got everything to make your next trip a "green trip"!

You will receive : 
- 3 garbage bags,
- 3 stickers to stick on it,
- 2 gloves
- 5 flyers to speak about the project during your next trip.

Sounds good ?

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All the materials is free for you. However, as we do not yet have funds, we ask you to participate to the costs (kit and shipping) if you can afford it. *

- Costs within Switzerland are 5 CHF, to Europe it is 7 CHF, and outside Europe it is 10 CHF.
- Transfer is done by credit card.

We use Stripe, one of the best and most secured online payment system.
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Thanks a lot {{answer_qWLK}}. You will receive soon your kit. We hope to see your pictures on our home page :-)
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